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Unformatted text preview: sacrifices so my sister and I can do the things that we want to do. She always does the right thing in tough situations and encourages us to do the same. She puts us before herself and takes care of our needs before her own. My mom is also a fun person to be around.

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She has a great sense of humor and her smile always light up the room. She likes to dance and is a very outgoing person. I hope to be like her when I get older because I cannot think of a reason why anyone would have a negative image of her. She is kind to everybody and tries to see the best in everybody. View Full Document.

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I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. Back in South Korea, I was expected to act or think in a certain way that was set standard by the society. Deviating from that norm would be regarded as refusing to abide by social conventions, an unacceptable act in Korean standards. The whole world would see you as an outcast who cannot adjust to rules and laws. However, this was not the case in this new world.

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Students were allowed to act on their own which obviously led them to think independently. By letting students be more independent, rather than trying to produce numerous copies of students with same thoughts and ideas, students showed more diversity, making each of them unique. From my valuable two-year stay in Canada My family decided stay for an extra half year.

Prior to my visit to Canada, I was unaware of how thinking independently could be seen as an act of revolution, not an act of rebellion. To sum up, I guess living in Canada for 2 years provided me with a new insight and have changed me completely forever.

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It was an experience I cannot forget, even now. My name is Charlotte, I was in your Grade 5 class at Mckechnie. Kind regards Charlotte.

Like Like. Of course, I remember you. I even remember that your birthday was a day before mine. Anyway, How have you been?

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