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I like these kinds of art because you can save them and put them to some use.

Watercolors with Elizabeth Peyton

It is so satisfying when you see your art being used for a purpose besides display. Such as if you create a ceramic bowl, and you give it away or sell it, then you see it being used, it makes you feel as if you have succeeded in effecting other people with your art. Some people don't consider music art, but it is. It is a way of expressing yourself creatively.

It is a way of getting lost in your own personal place. It is one of the most common forms of self expression. Music is art both in the physical sense such as the music itself or painting; and in the metaphorical sense, as in something that is considered art only because it feels beautiful to them personally. Poetry is a way to express yourself in ways that spoken words can't. Some words sound so ridiculous when said, but when written they can become quite beautiful; and end up making a strong statement because of that very reason.

Of course, there are other forms of writing besides poetry, such as stories, plays and such. All are valid forms of art in my eyes, and I respect them for that. In conclusion, I believe there are many forms of art. I have only touched on three.

Art Types: Categories of Visual Arts and Crafts

There are so many more to be experienced, enjoyed, and lived. These three lay a sort of platform for the mountain of artistic possibilities. I am open to many other forms of art, these three are simply the baseline of infinity. In other words, audience can discern the time of beginning and completion of libretto, music and stage direction in a sequence. These are the limits of the elements mentioned above.

Thus, multimedia can be seen as a process of grouping static elements.

Essay on The Many Forms of Art

However, intermedia combines both mutual concepts such as artist and audience and the forms which belongs to very different areas such as music, performance and cough voice in a paradigmatic platform. So, each type of production performs a new form of expression in the same place and at the same time.

Dick Higgins gives examples about the regions of intersection in art and other disciplines, while explaining the concept. According to Higgins, intermedia is an intermediary unit element in the works of Philip Corner b. Intermedia is not only a suggestion for combining different forms, but also for integration of a different pair of concept. Artist and the audience take place in the activity, while a fluid dialectic is seen between the mediums with visual, musical and textual elements simultaneously in these happenings. On the other hand, former specified borders between art, artist and spectator may become indefinite; particularly spectator would count in the structure during the process of a work of art.

That is, during the process of a work of art the audience should be part of it. Nam June Paik also has been known as the founder of video art, started his education with studying history of art and history of music, then he attended experimental composition classes in Germany and after moving to USA he worked with experimental composer John Cage. Paik generally did his art works in an intermedial space by examining the borders between art and technology. When Paik participated in at the Fluxus International Festival of the Newest Music in Wiesbaden Fluxus Internationale Festspiele Neuester Musik he did a performance which is a significant example for the context of the intermedia.

After that, he joined the Fluxus group. That sheet of paper was exhibited on the same floor until the end of the festival. Nonetheless, the scroll-like sheet of paper has gained a value as a document of performance or as an art object. It is, as usual in Joseph Beuys art performances to display together a street solid waste and the cleaning container of it. These objects are exhibited with the similar idea of the picture frame.

It would be observed in a performance of Beuys, he was an activist sweeper in his art work and in the process of his act, that action sweeping action led him to the conclusion. He displayed his performance with his two students and the broom which is used as an instrument of the performance is exhibited in a shop window with the material sweepings which is gathered together after the performance.

This art work is an example to the works that are exhibited with a factor by chance in randomness and installations usually consist of the organized indicators in a definite condition. This performance reflected the Beuys's dissatisfaction with the dogmas of Marxism, as much as with Western Capitalism.

Art Free Essays

He aimed a kind of purification on May 1, by sweeping rubbish symbolized the dogmas of Marxism Figure 3A and 3B. In the performance, artist and the medium sweeper are both functional and active during the process. The reason for the transformation is the process. It does not matter the receptor knows the story of performance or not, once receptor former spectator perceives the transformation of the everyday objects into artworks. A sculpted ready-made Buddha figure for a ritual; stands in front of a TV monitor and the figure looks at an only image of a candle on the monitor.

Moreover, Paik used together the elements of sculpture and video art the monitor, the video recorder which keeps the candle image and the cables for the communication of the artistic zip , in this manner he oscillated between art and technology as conceptual and tactual and visual as sensorial. He contributed to the new forms of sculpture and the new forms of installation art with his conceptualization. He created video-sculpture concept by using monitors in the context of bringing together sculpture and video.

He influenced the spectator that is the owner of the object by the usage of itself. Paik invented intermedia therefore the art spectator met with the method of the new information. When television monitor represents the Western technology, Buddha statue represents the Eastern mentality. Generally Paik shows the meaningful parody of the sameness of the usage of the television and the indicators of the television image.

When Paik parodies by the candle image on the monitor, he supplies the satisfaction of the indicator. Permanency of the monotonous candle image delivers the message of television repeats itself and it leads to habit as a tool of mass entertainment and it impels the spectator to the repetition.

How to do visual (formal) analysis in art history

Only action which can be perceived is the time that the spectator is in reception progress. Again with the process, Buddha statue transforms and it purifies from all its functionality. Firstly it has an artistic reference but after impact of spectator it functions. Joe Jones is well known with his art works that obscures the borders between the visual arts and music. Then he produced short films and he also devised larger orchestra-like installations, solar energy music machines and computer videos. Mandoline shows the oscillation among the borders of music, philosophy, installation and object centered production.

The constructions which historically influenced his art were mechanical orchestras. These orchestras frequently used in Europe and they were called automaton before like Calliopes. He added small engines to the instruments by the rubber bands and the cables. Continuous tones come out musically. His art work seems familiar to the minimalism of La Monte Young but they have never worked together. Sound functions and moves as a result of spectator interference. Without their artistic context mandolin can not be thought out of this context , all the objects that were used are functional objects.

In this work like others, it is seen the transformation of the spectator and transformation of an instrument into an art object. Conclusion Intermediality requires a different construction by mixing the accepted former forms and the new forms. The monitor and the Buddha statue stand face to face in his installation and it emphasizes memorial part of ordinary indicators, in addition to this, the stable candle image of the monitor represents the obscurity of indicator.

Beuys brings together the performance and the installation by the sculpture indicator but Jones brings together music and the tool of the installation media. It is just possible to discuss about the spectator in this analysis not receiver within its tool context. Intermedia is the possibility of combining two or more technique and concept within art context. Hence, intermediality also affirms meta-narrations and deconstructs them Oosterling, While considering intermedia within the context of function and progress, a common point of the works of Paik, Beuys and Jones can be mentioned in the selected examples of this study.

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