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A cookie is a small piece of code that gives your computer a unique identity, but it does not contain any information that allows us to identify you personally. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but if you prefer, you can opt out by changing your browser settings. Written by experts, they are intended to advance salient discussions on emerging topics in the field in contexts around the world. Log in. Arts and Letters Daily This website can be a starting place for current events lesson planning.

It provides a daily summary of world-wide news, articles, columns, taken from all kinds of publications on topics like: arts, literature, history, music, scientific discoveries, etc.

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In addition, there are long lists of hot links to major world-wide newspapers, news services, journals and magazines, book review sources, radio stations, e-zines and more. Story Arts This site is dedicated to the advancement of storytelling as an art and as a classroom technique.

You can download lesson plans and activities that revolve around storytelling, or you can find and print stories for your classroom in the Story Library. Stereotypes and Discrimination Activity Websites This page of stereotype and discrimination activities and articles is a link off "The English Teacher's Assistant" website. The site includes topical resources for teachers and tutors, with an emphasis on practical classroom-ready materials.

Teachers Network: ELL/ESL: Action Research in the ELL/ESL Classroom

It includes a downloadable PowerPoint presentation on project-based learning. Instructors will find the photo gallery very useful for teaching ESL students about the civil rights movement. The Study Place The Study Place is a Web-based authoring tool that offers adult educators a way to create and deliver online learning activities to their adult learners The Study Place offers forms to create lessons and quizzes, an archive of teacher-created lessons, and a resources guide that includes state and national competencies.

Instructors can register their classes to take online lessons and quizzes. The Change Agent The Change Agent is a newspaper with articles on news, issues, ideas, and teaching resources that help educators and learners to make civic participation and social justice related concerns part of their teaching and learning. This web-based supplement to the journal utilizes the interactivity of the Internet to provide additional teaching activities for the classrooms. This issue of The Change Agent focuses on immigration, with articles and classroom activities that explore the history of immigration, the pros and cons of becoming a citizen, language issues, immigrants in the labor force, and other issues.

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Web Power: Enhancing classroom lessons with the Internet This website illustrates lessons on using the Internet both as a classroom resource from home and in the classroom as a classroom tool. The resources include a downloadable handout on using the Web in the classroom.

TESOL Policy Briefs

Back to top. Journals and Research. Factors include the physical facilities where teachers work, the amount of time and support they have to do their jobs, and the training or development opportunities they have. Benefits and challenges in using computers and the Internet with adult English learners This article describes many of the ways in which computers and the Internet are being used in adult English classrooms.

Changing global economy and the future of English teaching This article describes current socioeconomic factors and their influence on English language teaching. Relationship between reading and speaking skills Ann Hilferty, Assistant Professor of English at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, has been exploring the research literature on the relationship between the development of reading and speaking skills, especially with adult ESOL learners.

While she assumes that oral mastery, when it exists, influences reading, she finds that much recent research reveals the influence of reading on speaking. There also seems to be reciprocity between them, which may have implications for ESOL instruction.

Chasing motivation: Action research in a university ESL setting

Changes Project From - , more than 30 adult learners ESOL, beginning literacy, ABE, GED, and transition to college from five Adult Basic Education programs in western Massachusetts conducted a participatory action research project focused on the impact of welfare reform, immigration reform and the changing nature of work on of their fellow adult learners. Email will not be published required. Process Our research project was run for three weeks and followed the process below: We conducted a pre-survey described in the Research Instruments section below. We took some time at the beginning of Week 1 and discussed the following with the students: the importance of student engagement concepts of community and motivation , how to set SMART goals Doran, , and the objectives of our project.

In the same session, students then set English language learning goals and Australian experiences goals in class and negotiated how many points should be awarded for achieving each goal. We checked in with each class once a week for 10 minutes to remind them of their goals, show them the leaderboard and celebrate achievements to date.

At the end of the project, we surveyed the students again to determine whether they felt that the goal-setting activity and the game s motivated them to use English more outside the classroom. Our research instruments 1.

Goal-setting posters Aussie Goals. Ceara and Henno.