Essay about being a teenager in south africa

Somewhere Maggie Gyllenhaal was in a dressing room. Yet when I saw Thunberg—in jeans, sneakers, and a pink tank top—she seemed small, quiet, and somewhat overwhelmed. Read: Greta Thunberg is right to panic. When we got to a room apart from the hubbub, I asked her how she was managing the onslaught of attention.

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I am trying to say something with all this attention, to use my platform to do something good. Her answers were direct but earnest. She sometimes searched for an English word. Unlike politicians and book-touring authors who have been brain-poisoned by media training, she answered the questions posed.

The Secrets of a Teenage Life

When I asked whether there was a climate fact that caused her particular worry, she frowned and first said she could not think of any one fact in particular. Same, Greta.

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She is strikingly nonradical, at least in tactics. There are so many ways to make a difference. Young people are very concerned about the climate crisis and ecological crisis, and that is very underrepresented.

Photos: Climate-change protests around the world. Though perhaps she is moderate in speech, she can be radical in action. Americans think of school as something that chiefly benefits students, not society; comparing it to a job, where a labor stoppage is a recognized form of protest, is outside our ken.

This almost economic argument has the virtue of being accurate. And when Thunberg talks about this, especially in private, she sounds a lot like … a teenager.

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And this is the way to understand Thunberg that paints her as neither a saint nor a demon but that still captures her appeal. Thunberg epitomizes, in a person, the unique moral position of being a teenager. But unlike an actual adult, she bears almost no conscious blame for this dismal state. When I spoke with her, I asked whether she felt this dual position: the burden of awareness mixed with the lack of blame. We definitely need that new perspective to see the world. Perhaps that is why adults find her so unnerving.

I want to thank Caldwell, because he reminded me of my own childhood. Believing that you are not as good or worthy as your seemingly overachieving peers is a detrimental belief to hold. This is what stood in my way of doing my best to accomplish or initiate certain activities, such as simple extramurals or even sharing my passion for writing with many others that I subconsciously convinced myself I was inferior to.

Socially, my challenge is attempting to excel as a female South African. The economy proves to be an ever-challenging factor in South Africa and this too may be a challenge for me. Economical and financial difficulty also feed into my dilemma of deciding whether I want a career that I am passionate about or a career that I can excel in financially. Personally, I think South Africa is a beautiful country regardless of the difficulties and negatives. I believe that one of the ways for us to grow further as a nation is to stop choosing to dwell on the negative events and allowing them to define the country, but rather to mend these negatives and to strive to reach for a place of freedom and contentment.

Why Greta Makes Adults Uncomfortable

I believe South Africans need to be hopeful and patient, no matter how difficult this proves to be. I get extremely annoyed when I hear my peers discussing how they will leave the country for good in the future and then complaining about our current leadership. I think travel and educating yourself on a global spectrum is incredible and even necessary. However, I believe that young people have a duty to take the initiative to better the country in as many ways as possible, instead of simply wanting to leave and abandon the country.

I want to travel, meet new people, eat different kinds of food and learn more things about how other people live their lives. However, the problem with our society today is that every young person has a voice, but we are not given the ears to be heard and that is harming our young people today. We live in a society where people forgive, but never forget, so it makes it hard for people to trust.

I wish we could be more united. I also want the school system to change, where learners are more hands-on about the change they want to see in their schools. I want government to change the school system where only white children go to rich schools and black children go to poor or lower-class schools. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment. Press Code We subscribe to the Press Code. E-mail Newsletters You choose what you want.

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The Pros And Cons Of Being A Teenager

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