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Wage Discrimination There is no doubt that income inequality has increased in the last two decades. Introduction: The topic of age discrimination.

The State Should Stay Out of the Employment Relationship

Age discrimination is prohibited by the United States government under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of which was put into place to protect workers over the age of forty. Under this acactin is illegal to show any form of discrimination towards workers over the age of forty, including unfavorable treatment in the hiring decisions made by employers.

This essentially means that of two prospective employees who possess the same qualifications. More often than not, there will be some sort of discrimination in the workplace, especially with a very diverse workforce. Therefore, with proper training and benefits to ensure the development of these employees, and legislation and policy to ensure equality and reduce discrimination within the workforce, it can drive competitive advantage and organisational profit.

When looking at diversity in the workforce, the. Unfortunately this seems not to be the only time such behaviour occurs. It can occur repeatedly and regularly over a period. Literature communicates past and present changes which occur in businesses. These literary works represents the voice of the people.

Past literary works in business has focused on the worker and the workplace environment. Themes related to this era.

Equality Act contains nine legislations that have been merged together. For example, if applicant is refused to be employed because of the age or sex.

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Indirect discrimination is when there is a particular criteria, policy or rule that has to apply to everyone the same, but. This situation teaches me how much important it is to hold up fairness within an organization. Over the course, I found that HRM theories have helped me to develop my ethical conscience. I gained significant knowledge of practical theory of ethic during the lecture.

In the tutorial, we did case studies analysis that give me insight about. Due to the subjective nature of this subject, it is hard to come to an overall conclusion and thus directly answer the question. Therefore this essay aims to demonstrate both the strengths and weaknesses of both men and women within managerial roles, and show how they are of equal capabilities to perform within a managerial position.

This essay will explore the qualities of both men and women that enable both genders.

Business Essays – Age Discrimination Workplace

However, several ways can be applied to solve the case. The age discrimination has developed into a global concern that influences the effectiveness at the workplace. A number of companies prefer younger employees to work in their organizations, believing that they will ensure better production and will strive for stiff competition. On the other hand, some organizations prefer older workers since, as a rule, they are more knowledgeable and committed employees. Although the older employees may be somewhat maltreated, the today's philosophy proves that the younger employees are shrewder and focused on the success.

With the older workers in play, the organizations have discovered the fact that, as a person gets older, his or her productivity decreases for numerous reasons with the key cause being age.

Workplace Diversity and its Significance

Organizations also have to spend a lot on the older workers because of the frequent health concerns. They consider that an older employee will have higher rates of truancy and revenue while performing at the lower levels as compared to their younger colleagues. Ivancevich and Konopaske pay attention to the application of Human Resource Management methodologies in the existent organizational situations and states.

First of all, the primary advantage is that the older workforce is more skilled because they might have been working for the company for a long period; consequently, they have the valuable background and skills. Older employees seem to have bigger salaries and better welfares; therefore, some organizations choose younger employees since they are more economical. Ivancevich and Konopaske consider this situation the wage discrimination practice, which costs the organizations time and money since it leads to decreased productivity and quality.

Limited time offer! The older employees usually follow the idea that the tasks have to be performed completely and flawlessly in order to get an effective result.

Age Discrimination Essay Examples

The workers have to be practical in their job; they pledge their loyalty and commitment to the company. On the other hand, other companies desire younger workers because they strive for excellence, and always desire to make a good impression, and have a motivation to establish a new life in their households.

As a result, the youngsters are inexpensive and flexible workers; their readiness and willingness to learn new for the improvement of their life conditions. Sometimes, the younger personnel are discriminated against by the older employees because of their inexperience and recent graduation from schools or colleges. The younger workers can easier acclimatize in the working atmosphere and acquire knowledge in the modern technology if some organizational training are performed.

Ivancevich and Konopaske explore the managerial orientation, supporting the consideration that the Human Resource Management is crucial for the managers in all units, teams, or groups. The organizations can take some actions in order to ensure that the age discrimination is not a challenge in any company units; for example, it can prepare some training concerning the age discrimination as a growing concern for the modern business world.

In addition, the management should re-evaluate the approaches towards the older employees at the workplace and review the corporate policies, training programs, recruiting techniques, and assessments in order to avoid any prejudiced considerations and consequences. Moreover, the companies should consider the implementation of the preventative trainings on the age bias, conducting an audit for evaluating the organization's culture and discover how the staff feels about the older employees and how those ideas influence the workplace.

The companies should launch the new strategies to involve the older adult personnel and build moral and effective production schemes by proving the older employees that they are valued. In conclusion, the workers frequently undergo common challenging problems in the Human Resource Management like recruitment, training, efficiency, and job security, as well as the conflict resolution. It is very challenging to eliminate discrimination from the labor market since each organization has diverse groups of employees with different features.

The age discrimination at the workplace and some of the seeming advantages and disadvantages of an older labor force calls for the need to mitigate the condition as soon as possible.

Age Discrimination In The Workplace

Therefore, the employers should understand the meaning of the age discrimination phenomenon and be aware of the laws. Moreover, they should change their outlooks accordingly. First order only Sep 13, in Management. Operations Management in Coca-Cola Business.

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