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The Ministry is working to create unique tourist experiences in rural India that promote local culture and have a low impact on the environment.

Essay Introduction On Tourism - Tourism In India Essay

As the birthplace of yoga and Ayurveda, India has a particular appeal to visitors who are searching for spiritual and physical healing. Since the Beatles visited an Indian ashram in the late s, the popularity of visiting these spiritual yoga centers has grown among Westerners. The Ministry uses that popularity to highlight these traditions in their campaigns. Karen Browning is a freelancer who provides content writing, grant writing, editing and research services to a variety of clients.

She loves to research and write about history, yoga, education, travel, technology and food. She has been writing for more than 15 years. Video of the Day. East Africa Culture. Tourist Destinations and Development of Tourism in India. Share on Facebook. The aircraft will benefit the future development of larger capacity aircraft, but still subsonic. Generating capacity in order to promote aviation aircraft and speed increase. Therefore, the new aircraft cannot travel faster than any existing, but they will have a greater range and more seats to reduce travel costs.

Transport is now faster and better competitive long-distance travel. This is the development of infrastructure to work together. Particularly there is a fast growth in the cruise industry. In 20th century Cruise fleet has doubled in the last decade. Computerization allows operators to operate more efficiently and produce marketing plan activities that can be used to the wealth of data. Global satellite network to provide as a new powerful marketing tool.

Technology has changed the allocation process. Most governments are now actively seeking to promote tourism, and in their own countries, to take measures to coordinate public and private tourism activities to promote development of the industry. In some parts of the developed world, Government support has been less impending. In many developing countries, tourism is considered to accelerate economic development. Some Governments have also encouraged the development of international tourism, and promote their own political goals.

The most direct way is to establish Tourism Organization, the impact of tourism development.

Ministry of Tourism Australia, the implementation of this role, its objectives include:. Easy to enter a country is a key factor to attract tourists. If the entry procedures for tourists are going to be complex, tourism will be affected. Now some countries with visa-free access in some countries. Availability, price and ease of transport within and between countries dominate the visitors flow. Distribution of the traffic dispersion in terms of tourists is important.

Governments are generally used for transportation infrastructure and equipment available. Many airlines have entered the Union, to enable them to reduce costs and increase capacity. Under pressure Government have to further do the liberalization of the international airlines. The Government policies affect the industry directly and indirectly. For example, when the Government policies and regulations and high inflation would reduce spending, thus limiting the disposable income of the tourism industries. Government revenue, chares levies additional cost to the tourists. Two major problems threaten the long-term survival of the tourism industry: environmental degradation, and adverse social impact, which is often accompanied by the development of tourism.

Tourism development is often near the biophysical environment where attractive or unique features. Tourism development often has a heavy pressure on natural resources. The greatest threat is to those who are most vulnerable to natural and man-made pressures. The challenge is to develop a procedure to assess the potential environmental impacts of tourism development. Other mechanisms can be used to solve the impact of tourism regulations, the establishment of national parks, protection of significant heritage management and legislation to help protect our cultural and natural resources.

In tourism development and environmental protection activities linked to the production of future success. Uncontrolled development is likely to undermine the tourist attraction. Adequate planning by the government, the threat of environmental degradation faced by the world tourism industry can be overcome. Resident population to gain more understanding of cultural tourists, so as to maintain the national heritage of some of the traditional activities and needs.

Passengers bring tourism revenue and maintenance, and for local use these facilities. Visitors can go to the same host country and its culture and traditions of understanding of their homes. This could include prostitution, crime and gambling. Social policy and social services must become an integral part of tourism planning, tourism operators and by the host government. Failure to do so may appear hostile to tourists, which can reduce the tourist flow and vitality.

We conducted the survey among diverse demographics to analyze the current situation of tourism industry of India. After collecting data, we first performed the factor analysis on the data. From factor analysis we got five different factors on which we performed multiple linear regression MLR to get the refined results.

We can clearly find out that people give importance to Information about tourist spots, tour packages and security then Infrastructure and Hospitality. To attract large number of tourists we need to implement solutions for these factors and have to take appropriate measure for the growth of Indian tourism Industry. This is accepted as their source of income and employment potential of the results of the government. The pace and the future tourism project are to determine the direction of the explosive growth:. We need to develop an information system which is very efficient and accessible across the globe which also includes remote areas.

In India we need to make sure that we have to keep safety mechanism ready and speedy by connecting every tourist place, hotels to our police stations. Industry people have to start working on framing the package tours with more creativity and innovation as our mass tourist products are more or less same and lack the flexibility which is required. Infrastructures in India needs huge investment outlay and will directly have an impact on the growth of the tourism Industry. Transport technology to make long-term fortunes with more affordable, more people to participate in international travel.

Chosen to reflect the perceived safety of the destination. Tourists will be attracted to the destination best suits their needs. Tourism is trying to provide travel experiences to suit all budgets and circumstances. Technology will continue to develop and strengthen the tourism experience. Market research will lead to new tourism operators to promote products.

This is may be some barriers to international travel. Visitors will be courting the economic development of developed and developing countries. Tourism stakeholders will have to bear greater responsibility. Whether it is a tourist and the host population should not be regarded as environmental quality. The basic strategy of tourism development is to preserve and protect areas such as goal setting apart. Development of guidelines for ethical and environmental regulations should be implemented to maintain sustainable tourism in the next century is feasible.

As the state boarders open, population aging, more affluent, tourism is to promote more and more people will go. Some more positives and negatives about the tourism industry which can be enhanced and can be prevent respectively:. Planning of the facilities are under construction in the lack of results in the wrong place, destroy scenic. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Industry Contribution Due to booming industries like IT and outsourcing industry, a growing number of business trips are made by foreigners to India, tourists spend more in India than almost any other country across the globe. Inadequate facilitation services — infrastructure improvements at country entry Points and appropriate facilitation services are needed. Lack of quality infrastructure.

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Lack of emphasis on product quality. Lack of hygiene. Low utilization of modern marketing and publicity tools. Insufficient involvement by the private sector in tourism development The author Mr. Jauhari talks about Hospitality industry and tourism in India: Hospitality industry is a major employer. Recommendations Prioritize the investment in tourism and shorten the project start-up cycles.

Rural Tourism in India

This effort needs to be allied with appropriate search terms and links to the main search engines Vinnie Jauhari Develop international collaborations in order to learn as quickly as possible from international best practices. Ease bureaucratic hurdles. Shivangi Gupta Methods Characteristics of tourism are: It is a constantly operating industry. It is affected by seasonal fluctuations. It is highly a Labor-intensive industry especially when it comes to India.

Barriers to entry are not strong for this Industry.

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In India for this Industry Small businesses predominates. Consumer expenditure of domestic and international tourist is growing at a high rate. Few producers or service providers dominate in the Tourism Industry. Opening of New tourist attractions happens regularly. The impacts of tourism are wide ranging reaching economic, social, environmental aspects. Two forms of tourism: International Tourism : Travel to countries outside home country Domestic Tourism: Travel within the country.

Travel & Tourism - Industry Overview

Factors affecting tourism The tourism industry is complex. The resulting interaction of the movement of tourists from the origin to the destination and the drivers involved are available for our analysis: 1. In addition, Mumbai is famous for its clubs, shopping, and upscale gastronomy. Its rich culture excels in every aspects as in martial arts, dance, theater and sculpture.

The beautiful and seasonal Shirui Lily at Ukhrul district , Sangai brow antlered deer and the floating islands at Loktak Lakeare few of the rare things found in Manipur. Meghalaya has some of the thickest surviving forests in the country. Therefore constitutes one of the most important ecotourism circuits in the country today. The Meghalayan subtropical forests support a vast variety of flora and fauna. Shilling is the capital of Meghalaya. The Umiam Lake has a water sports complex with facilities such as rowboats, paddleboats, sailing boats, cruise-boats, water-scooters and speedboats.

Orissa has been a preferred destination from ancient days for people who have an interest in spirituality, religion, culture, art and natural beauty. Ancient and medieval architecture, pristine sea beaches, the classical and ethnic dance forms and a variety of festivals at Udayagiri. Khandagiri Caves, Lalitagiri as well as Ratnagiri, on the banks of river Birupa are very famous. Precious fragments of a glorious past come alive in the shape of stupas, rock-cut caves, rock-edicts, excavated monasteries, viharas, chaityas and sacred relics in caskets and the Rock-edicts of Ashoka.

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. This comes from the numerous palatial mansions built all over the city. It is famous for sarees and sweets and leather bags and shoes. The city has many beautiful colonial buildings, churches, temples. It has statues, combined with the systematic town planning and the well planned French style avenues. Punjab has a vast public transportation and communication network. Chandigarh is the capital of panjab. Amritsar is a big tourist spot, a lot of five star hotels are there. Chandigarh has famous lake sukna lake, rose garden, rock garden where monuments are made of waste article.

Sikkim is considered as the land of orchids, mystic cultures and colorful traditions. Tamil Nadu is the top state in attracting the maximum number of foreign tourists in India it is famous for many temples and other tourist spots. Uttar Pradesh is important with its wealth of historical monuments and religious fervour. Tourism is the fastest growing, industry in the world. The completion is increasing as more and more countries seek to attract tourist and more companies and organization become involved in the highly skilled business of transporting, accommodating and catering for tourists.

Tourism needs to be marketed, just as any other product, indeed more so, because it is an industry in which the costumer still has an immense variety of choice. There are a number of destinations competing with each other to get a bigger and bigger share of the market. As applied to the tourism industry, the important functions of marketing are to bring about an awareness of the product in the minds of the consumers in the market areas.

This is done by way of promotion. Tourism promotion is one of the elements of the marketing mix and an important tool for marketing. The term promotion is interpreted and defined in many ways. Basically, the purpose of promotion is to inform.

Promotion of Tourism in India

Or persuade, to encourage or, more specially, to influence the potential customers or trade intermediaries travel agent, tour operators, reservation, services, hotel and charter manner. Like in any other industry, successful marketing in tourism cannot rely only on a product of the right kind, on a market related pricing policy and on a reliable and effective distribution network, systematic communications with actual and potential customers and with the trade intermediaries bridging the gap between producer on the one hand and the customer on the other is also needed. The consumer must be aware of the existence of a tourist place of a tourist product.

How is the awareness to be brought about in minds of the consumers in the market areas? Some of the easily identifiable methods are advertising, sales support and public relations. These are the three major marketing tools which any organization uses to information actual as well as a potential customer. Good marketers see their business from the customers view point and organize their entire enterprises to develop relationships with the customer based on trust.

Advertisement may be defined as any activity designed to spread information with a view to promoting the sales of marketable goods and services. It plays a crucial role in marketing a tourist product.

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The campaign helped to create a colorful image of India in the minds of consumers all over the world, and has directly led to an increase in the interest among tourists. The prime purpose of advertising is to create awareness. The ultimate purpose of advertising and promotion is to influence human behavior, to motivate and to manipulate demand. Advertising has been added importance where it is used in a supportive role to complement other campaign elements, such as promotional print, tactical price cuts, and sales promotion are often required to make a prospective customer aware of the existence of the other campaign elements.

The two most important considerations in effective advertising are the medium which provide the reach, and the message, which provides the communication. While the choice of promotional techniques are important to motivate and move consumers they will not bear results if facilitation techniques have not been employed to market easy for motivated people to achieve purchases.

It can be an extremely expensive promotional tool which is notoriously difficult to evaluate. Advertising usually has either tactical or strategic objectives.

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Strategic advertising is concerned with creating awareness of markets, and of products, of developing an organization s identity and image. Strategic advertising takes a longer term view. Tactical advertising is aimed at specific market segments, and persuading them to go to a particular place or buy a certain service, sometimes at a particular time. Tactical advertising takes a more shot to medium term view. How much ever you plan your advertising in advance, there will always be occasions when an advertising sales person telephones you with a special offer.

Some of these might be genuine. Most are not. The selection of appropriate media is usually based on three criteria:. This outlines the various advertising opportunities, costs, and profile of readers, viewers or listeners, as well as giving technical data for the publication or programme. For most organizations their budgetary restrictions will limit their choice to advertising in publications rather than on television or radio. Television has been proven as an excellent and very persuasive medium but is expensive. Not only is the cost of time slots costly but also the production of good advertisements.

If you have sufficient budget for television advertising you should use an advertising agency to help you buy the time as well as produce an effective advertisement. Radio advertising is cheaper than television and can be useful for events and tourism products which are easy to buy such as well known attractions. The choice of publications in which to advertise is vast. In addition to local and national press, there are also special interest magazines and tourist board guides. If you run any special interest holidays, these magazines are very useful.

When you have obtained media packs and information about relevant publications, use the following criteria to draw up a short list. Profile of readership Do the readers correspond to your target markets? The readership profile should detail readers in terms of age and socioeconomic profile, as well as giving further details about hobbies and interests, and any research about holiday-taking habits. Tourism products are a major source of revenue for many publications so they will usually have more detailed information available if you ask for it.

Readership Most publications will give their circulation and readership figures. The readership figures are more interesting because these show the actual number of people who will see and read publication, not just buy it. For some publications will give their circulation and readership figures are more interesting because these show the actual number of people who will see and read the publication, not just buy it. For some publications there will be a big difference between the circulation and readership figures.

Some of the more up market monthly magazines have relatively low circulation figures but a long shelf life and high readership figures-particularly when they are the types of publication you see in doctors and dentists surgeries! When considering readership figures, look also at the distribution method for the publication.

Is it one which people really demand, by buying it at a newsagents or requesting it from a tourist information centre? Or one which arrives un -requested through the letterbox? Publication date We will need to plan ahead and choose publications whose copy dates you can meet. Even more important are publication dates.