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Open It!!!!!!! To Teach Is to Learn Twice. Thursday, October 29, Teaching- A Noble Profession! Teaching is really a noble profession.

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The teacher is the one who molds a child into what he will be on the future. He is being taught how to read and how to write, how to deal with others and how to deal with himself. The knowledge of the teacher is being shared or transferred to the child from science, technology, arts and values. And when the child is ready to pursue for a higher degree of education and especialization, it is still the teacher who is guiding the child for him to attain his dreams and expectations.

No other profession is greater than teaching. Without teacher, there will be no Engineers who will plan, design and manage the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, communication facilities and other mechanical infrastructure.

Essay about Teaching: The Most Important Profession

Doctors, scientists, politicians, etc, will not exist without the teacher and the teaching process. My Choosen Career! Since I was young, I already convinced myself that I should be a Teacher someday. I made my mother as an example.

The Highly Appreciated Profession of Teaching Essay

So it was set on my mind to be one of the future maker. But Some friends of mine asked me, Why teacher??????? But I never think of other courses I took an entrance examination in schools I preferred.. I passed both, but i choose PNU since many told me, it is one of the best Universities for education course. There, I bloomed where I planted, means I just did the role of being a student. Even this coures is affordable for everybody because of its low tuition fee, but still there is one time I decided to stop due to financial problem.

But God is good since he help me to find way inorder to continuie my studies. I approaced my teacher and I beg to be her working student. In serving the community they are also serving the humanity. A big celebrity, a well-known politician, a leader of an organization and even a poor student who became a CEO of a company and inspired many people -in the moment of their fame and glory — the people they remember next to family and friends are the teachers who made a big impact on the way they were brought up to be successful citizens of the community they were in.

We even hear news of our countrymen making waves even abroad. Their ripple effect is global in the full sense of the word. They are some kind of a guru or shaman whom we all seek for an advice or two. Their experiences are also our experiences. What they have learned in life, we also learned it ourselves. Their pains are also our pains. They become our second mothers as soon as we left home. They provide us with the same love and care.

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They nurture our growth and development. They hope for our success.

Teaching Profession

They support us in our failures. They are angels who came down here on earth disguised as teachers in uniform.

Having said that, behind the smiles, the great stories, advises, lessons and inspirations they share with us — most of the times, like all other human beings — teachers suffer a lot inside. They suffer from pain. Not just physical, mental and emotional pain, sometimes, even their spirits suffer tremendously from the lack of support. They feel lost in the midst of chaos.


They feel abandoned and ignored for the things that need to be recognized. Their mind, body and spirit feel like they are beaten down so hard by the obstacles and challenges of the job. With all the problems and challenges of being a teacher, they not only deserve a higher salary and better benefits to compensate for their hard work and dedication to their duty but also proper acknowledgement of their contribution to society. Thus, apart from fulfilling the expectation to cure social ills, teachers are expected to build unity in diversity; to unite the nation by teaching the young to live together.

Teachers are expected to build a nation with a national identity, who respect one another, work in teams, resolve differences in a peaceful and respectful manner and participate in living together peacefully. Be that as it may, teaching and learning to live together is not easy.

In fact, living together is the greatest challenge in the 21st century. In order to live together, history, geography, languages and civic education are vital. Living in the world today, we find that traditional institutions such as family, religious institutions and communities, in general, are under threat. Thus, in assisting teachers to fulfil the expectations of society, education policies must be able to attract, recruit, train and support competent, caring, knowledgeable and committed teachers.

'Teaching is no longer a noble profession'

Failure to provide teachers with proper assistance and a conducive eco-system means denying a better future generation; it is a breach of human rights. While we are living in this massive economic, social, technological and political transformation, teachers are to take up new roles. Thus, it is essential that teachers must have integrated knowledge and confidence, and be more resourceful. Integration of knowledge is important for teachers to not only be able to teach the subject of specialisation but to know, to deliver and to act on general or common subject matter such as patriotism.