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A Look at the Importance of Computer Skills

The student who are shy and are not able to raise their questions in their class rooms get their doubts cleared online. They also get chance to see questions asked by other students and learn effectively. If a student wants to learn something extra, other than the normal curriculum, he can refer the online resources and expertise in the desired area and stay ahead in this competent world.

Students also use internet to apply for jobs or internships or trainings. There are various sites that show the vacancies in the companies. Student can communicate with the companies according to their interests through these websites. It is seen in the researches that students who use internet show increase in cognitive abilities such as memory, spatial and logical problem solving, critical thinking, concentration, abstraction and comprehension. Through internet the students are exposed to a much wider and large environment where there is much more and better competition.

The internet also helps the students to improve their social life. It allows the students to communicate to discuss their projects, assignments or doubts. The use of internet in classrooms often allows the students to work in a group and sharing their ideas. From these positive experience students can improve their attitudes about learning. The internet has evolved to become a very useful, faster and easier way of learning by the students.

However, the internet has also created difficulties for those who overuse it or try to exploit it. Although it provides a large amount of information but all the websites are not trusted ones. There are sites that provide unreliable information, which cannot be trusted upon. Many students are there who completely rely on the internet for their work.

This has led to plagiarism. Students have become lazy and think copy and paste as the shortcut to their work, but this is injustice to those who spent their time and knowledge to produce the original work. This is one of the most undesirable effects of internet. Thinking capacity is reduced. These days whatever work is given to the students, they search for it on the internet. They have lost the capacity to think on the topic and write in their own language.

Lower self-confidence- when students plagiarize they are dependent on the internet completely. They think the materials provided online are better than what they can do. They loose confidence in their work and continue to depend on internet in future also. Addiction- internet also tends to be an addiction for students. They spend much time in chatting on the social websites, watching videos and other documents, playing online games, etc.

Once fallen a pray for this, it is very difficult to come back. Insomnia — due to the addiction of internet many students shorten their sleeping hours. They sit on their laptops or computers, chat, watch videos or play online games till late night. If this continues it leads to insomnia where a person is unable to sleep. This causes mood variations, irritation, lack of concentration, headache n many more diseases.

Spelling and Grammar- in this generation students are generally using abbreviations and shortcuts to write and communicate. They are communicating thorough text-based symbols and intentionally misspelling words.

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As a result of this student find difficulty to write formal letters and applications. No face to face communication- This leads to stage fear. Students are not able to speak in public. There are many more negative effects of the internet on students like their privacies are disturbed, moral corruption, cyber bullying, wastage of time, inactivity, etc. It has been observed that there are both pros and cons of using the internet amongst the students.

It is actually determined on how much and for what purpose a person uses it.

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The negative aspects of the internet can be covered by not depending on the internet completely. Ideas and information can be taken from the internet but the projects and assignment should be done my oneself. Students should not be dependent on the internet; it should be referred when it is required for more information. Use of cell phones and tabs by students in the schools and colleges has been a boon and a bane. They have helped students in providing quick data searches, linking with their friends and families and even with their teachers and at the same time, students have misused them for cheating during exam, texting inside the lecture and entertaining themselves at times when they should study.

So, mobile phones which today are known to be as smartphones have made students smart in their studies and also extra smart to exploit them for their benefits. Mobile Phones have been extensively used for remaining in contact with others and tabs provide the facility to read e-books, novels and any sort of material at any time and any place.

Today, cellphone is a necessity for everyone. Even a child at the age of 10 wants a cellphone or a tab. Studies have shown that almost all college students carry their phones into their classes and this trend has also started in schools.

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It can be helpful and harmful to them in various ways:. Cellphones are the best way to communicate with others, so the first most advantage of having cellphones is to be in touch with others all the time and any sort of emergency. As the students who are away from their homes for schooling and colleges, they need to be in contact with their parents, so cellphone provide the best way for this. As the technology is advancing students and faculties have used this technology to their advantage, they use various cell phone applications to provide assignments and tests that are monitored through cell phones as done through desktop-systems in schools and colleges.

Cellphones also help in providing communication between teachers and students in case of any problem regarding their classes or their academic clarifications. Mobile phones can be connected to internet at any time and at any place which is advantageous to students to browse anything through it related to their studies. Not only students but teachers also use the mobile internet to manage the grades, attendance, and upload materials.

And students use the internet to download e-books, PowerPoint Presentations and other materials and also give quizzes. Tabs have also been helpful in many ways to students as they are not able to buy each and every book so they download the e-book and read very effectively through their tabs. They also read newspapers, novels, feeds and increase their vocabulary and reading skills through cellphones and tabs. Cellphones are used to co-ordinate group study with friends. Students also entertain themselves during lunch time or break by the cellphones and tabs by listening songs, playing games, watching videos etc.

Cellphones are used to set reminders for various important events like test and quiz dates, exam schedules, and last dates of assignment submission and store class time-tables, set alarms for these events. Cellphones have various applications in various fields which one can download and install, there are a number of applications which help students in their academic field.

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