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Malcolm begins his speech by introducing himself to the crowd. He announces that he is still a member of the nation of Islam, but ensures that is religion has nothing to do with this speech or to segregate the African American community.

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Malcolm also displays ethos in his speech by the way he delivers it he speaks very confident and slowly. He pauses often so that the listener can know that this is a serious topic and take it all in.

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Malcolm used Pathos to stir up the emotion of anger and fear in the audience. He did this because although the audience was mostly African Americans there were still some whites in the audience and he wanted to make sure that they were still on board and focused and did not shut out or leave because of the blaming or finger pointing.


He also used Repetition and having the audience repeat after him. At this point the audience is very hype and shouting because he gave several examples and everyone was able to find at least one that identifies to their life. Malcolm uses Logos by using statistical data. If you can be brave over there, you can be brave right here.

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But if you fight right here and right now then you will know why you are fighting and the outcome will be greater. These victims are those who are a part of the dishonest democracy that we have in the United States.

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This speech was an effective use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Malcolm X addressed the issue of African Americans inability to be able to vote and stayed serious and firm throughout the whole speech.

Malcolm X Literacy Behind Bars During Malcolm X time in prison, he really learned to motivate himself to be able to understand what he is reading. His perspective of reading and writing became important being an African American man. By witnessing this great thing of understanding words and information, Malcolm decided to take it upon himself and take action in educating himself with words.

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In taking action with this process, he literally opened up a dictionary and started copying down the words he saw on the first page. The next morning after his hard work, he was so proud to realize that not only had he written so much at one time, but he had written words that he never knew existed in the world.

But, I do know that I definitely with attending school have learned a base with most subjects and schooling has benefited me in many areas of life.

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  • Literacy behind bars malcolm x essay.

Everyone learns and retains differently, and this article I believe is great for some people that may be struggling and need inspiration.