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Several terrorist attacks have been carried out in the past and the life of people has been disturbed owing to these. Some of these include the Brahmaputra mail train bombing, Coimbatore bombings, Mumbai bomb blasts, Varanasi blasts, Bangalore blast and Gurdaspur attack. Communal riots such as the Moradabad Riots, Anti-Sikh Riots, Gujarat Riots and Muzaffarnagar riots have also caused mass destruction.

The government as well as the citizens of the country must work together to bring about peace and harmony in the country. Peace and harmony are the building blocks of any society.

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Only if there is peace and harmony in the country would there be growth and development. The government of the country makes every attempt to ensure peace and harmony in the country. However, it is often disrupted due to vested interests.

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Here is a look at these and also the instances when peace in the country was disturbed. Likewise, inflation, unemployment and inter-state issues have also led to disturbance in the society time and again. There have been several instances when the peace and harmony of the country was disturbed.

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Some of these are as follows:. It is difficult to maintain peace and harmony in the country until each one of us is sensitized about its need and contributes towards the same. The government alone cannot ensure sense of brotherhood and amity in society.

Peace and harmony is very important for the smooth functioning of any society. In order to give a safe and secure environment to its citizens, the government of India takes steps to maintain peace in the country. However, often, it is disrupted due to different social, political and economic factors. Here is a look at these factors and the instances when peace and harmony of the country has been hampered.

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In an attempt to score partisan goals, political parties usually instigate people against them and this often leads to disturbances in the country. Terrorist attacks disrupt peace and harmony in the country.

Such attacks create a lot of panic among the people. Certain religious groups try to influence other people and force them to follow their religion or simply belittle other religions. This has led to communal violence many a times. Apart from these, inter-state issues, reservation system, price rise, poverty and unemployment also disrupt the peace and harmony in the country.

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These communal riots occurred in and around Ranchi in August They continued for almost a week. Known to be the most deadly Hindu-Muslim riots after the Partition of India, these occurred during September-October These riots occurred on the issue of reservation between the members of Shiv Sena and Dalit Panther in Mumbai. The Dalit Panther leader Bhagwat Jadhav was killed during this in Occurred during the August , these were partially a Hindu-Muslim clash and partially a Muslim-Police conflict. The riots began when Muslims threw stones at the police as they refused to remove pig from the local Idgah.

The violent incidents continued till November A series of 12 bomb explosions took place on the 12th of March in Bombay. One of the most destructive bomb explosions in India, it was carried out in reaction to Babri Masjid Demolition. It refers to the serial bombing of churches in the states of Goa, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. These bombings were done in the year by the Islamist extremist group, Deendar Anjuman.

It is necessary for every citizen of India to understand the importance of peace and harmony in the country and together each one should work towards maintaining the same. India is known for its democratic system and secularism that gives both political and religious equality to all its citizens to ensure peace and harmony in the country. However, there are several factors that disturb peace in the country. Here is how the Constitution binds people from diverse backgrounds as well as the factors that hamper the peace and harmony of the country.

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India is a secular country. The country does not have any official religion. All the religions are treated equally by the state. Equal respect to all the religions is a way of promoting peace and harmony in the country. In schools, at work places and various other places, people study and work together harmoniously. The citizens of India largely live in harmony with each other. However, there are times when the peace is disrupted owing to various reasons.

Some of these are mentioned below:. Terrorist attacks create panic in the society. The terror spread through these attacks remains for days to come thereby impacting peace and harmony in the country. There have been several instances of terrorist attacks in India.