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For example Koro doesn't like Pai at the start of the movie. This causes dislike between him and his son Pororangi. By adding some conflict, it will interest watcher because human beings naturally like to see fighting. The last reason for using Koro is to contrast between the old Maori ways and the new, modern world that we live in. For example they show Koro teaching the boys the qualities they must have to become a leader.

Whale Rider Critical Analysis

Importance of Koro in 'The Whale Rider'. In WriteWork. WriteWork contributors. In hope of finding a new leader, Koro forms a cultural school for the village boys, teaching them traditional Maori chants, and how to use a taiaha. Koro is enraged when he finds out about Pai learning how to use a taiaha, and even more so when she wins in a fight against one of the boys, Hemi.

In an attempt to mend her relationship with her grandfather, Pai invites Koro to the performance that her school is putting on, in hope he would see that she had won an inter-school speech contest, and dedicating it to him and the traditions of the village. However, Koro was late to the performance, and as he was walking to the school, noticed several beached whales near their home. The entire village attempts to keep the whales hydrated, and to push them back into the ocean, but all efforts prove unsuccessful.

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Koro sees this as a sign of his failure and despairs further. However, when Koro walks away she climbs onto the back of the largest whale, traditionally belonging to her legendary ancestor, Paikea — The Whale Rider, and coaxes it back to re-enter the ocean. In order to pursue dreams, they must assume the role of a male because the male role is a goal-oriented and high-achieving position.

From the female perspective, females feel discriminated and they recognize that they are classified as second class citizens that are not given equal opportunities. In order to be considered successful, they must put behind their female roles as housewives, mothers, and caregivers because it lowers their potential to be taken seriously when they want to accomplish personal dreams in a male dominated society. Females must gain the credibility of their male judges by adapting male roles to convince the males that they are worthy of the challenge.

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  4. Paikea demonstrated this with Hemi when they went into a stick fight for the first time. Initially, she did not know how to even hold the stick, but Hemi taught her and he began to respect her instead of join the boys at school and tease her.

    The Concept of Destiny in Bless Me, Ultima and Whale Rider

    He began to see her in a different limelight and he started to value her as a female. Especially in the second dual, when Paikea defeats Hemi; Hemi respects her superiority at the sport. This smile represents that he no longer lowered her standing because she is a female or mocked her for trying to be leader because he actually believed she is a high achiever Whale Rider, In all these narratives I describe, at the end the female protagonists get some sort of a resolution, they either go away, or settle with the lover, or realise their inner complex of loving the oppressor and seek to find a way out of it.

    She uses Mrs. Apirana to fulfill this example.

    The Whale Rider By Witi Ihimaera

    Despite how much Mrs. Even though she sticks by her husband, eventually she leaves him, but as Hossain says it, she learns to love him. She still loves her husband despite the fact that he is stubborn and only wishes to teach the boys in the community. I let him think he is, what is wrong with me? She allows her husband to get his way at times to avoid arguments; however, when it comes to defending her granddaughter, she steps up to the plate to ensure that Paikea knows she is important. Apirana picks up the cup Whale Rider, Females will stand up for their right when it is necessary.

    This statement shows that in a patriarchal society, women are expected to follow the rules governed by male dictators. Paikea did not listen to her grandfather and back down; her unrelenting efforts caused her many hardships, including a broken relationship with her grandfather.

    Whale Rider: Reflection

    Unlike her grandmother, who chose to allow her grandfather to take the lead to avoid martial discourse, she went on to assume the male role. Eventually, she rode the dying whale back into the waters and her grandfather finally recognized her strength, and allowed her to sit in the boat with the other men Whale Rider, If Paikea did not take on the male role, she would be stuck as an unrecognized individual.

    If she did not step up to the plate and fight for her right to be a leader, she will always remain a follower. She creates a new self-image; she is not scared or willing to back down because people do not give her credibility because of her gender. Females do not want to settle as second class citizens that take on passive and subordinate roles, they want to be leaders and inspirational teachers as well.

    It is being suppressed by the unrealistic demands of the patriarchal society.

    A female needs to search deep into her soul and uncover those hidden talents and desires that men suppress and deprive them of. In order to succeed, females act on those deep inner feelings and prove to men that the male role is subjective and skewed. Paikea is truly a hero; she was expected to remain silent and allow the first born males around her to be the leaders.

    When her grandfather threw the Reiputa the whale tooth necklace into the ocean and announced the one who could retrieve the Reiputa is the winner and future tribe leader, none of them succeeded. Paikea was the one who went out on her own and obtained the Reiputa Whale Rider, This demonstrates that her ability was inherent, but her gender forced her to be silent.

    How is Whale Rider a statement of empowerment for women and girls?

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    Analysis of the Whale Rider Essay

    How does Paikea challenge gendered expectations? The film revolves around the life of an 11 year old girl, who wants to gain the approval of her grandfather and assume the role of being a tribe leader that her late twin brother was destined to be. From an early age, Paikea was disciplined, as evidenced by her objection towards smoking.

    In school plays, Paikea is always the center of the group.

    She even won a speech contest for the East Region of New Zealand. Caro presented Paikea as an independent and strong minded individual who had the ambition to learn. When her grandfather revoked her of her right to learn at the boys learning session, she secretly recruited her uncle to help train her in the art of fighting with a stick. She demonstrated her true ability in the scene with her good friend, Hemi.

    Hemi is fighting back tears when his father abandoned him. Paikea found him and he is ashamed that she witnessed him cry. As a result, he proceeded to pick up a stick to fight Paikea, but to his surprise, her covert practices with her uncle had paid off, and she defeated Hemi without any hesitation.