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The resistance to thermal quenching is an essential factor in evaluating the performance of luminescent materials for application in white light emitting diodes WLEDs. Surprisingly, we noticed that the variation of emission intensity is different under different excitations when the temperature changes from 10 to K. When further increasing the temperature from to K, we observed a similar phenomenon, and the emission at nm excitation starts to quench at K. The emission intensity at K still remains It is also evidenced by the time-resolved emission spectra and lifetime values.

This should be helpful in the future when designing the bismuth doped phosphor for WLEDs with better resistance to thermal quenching. View Author Information. Curie, Paris, France.

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Polski English Login or register account. The phase, morphology, photoluminescence properties and fluorescent thermal stability of the obtained phosphors were investigated. Log In Sign Up. Papers People. Fibrous growth of tricalcium phosphate ceramics. Starting powders In the prepared ceramics, the onset temperature for transformation of defective hydroxyapatite into TCP witlokite agrees with the onset temperature for sintering degrees C. Sintering occurs through the formation of a fibrous structure, which resembles biological hard tissue.

In the degrees C range, these fibres coalesce into grains of up to 0. At the end of this sintering stage witlokite transforms into alphaTCP.

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Save to Library. Morphological and textural evolution of the prismatic ultrastructure in mollusc shells: A comparative study of Pinnidae species. Molluscan shells, exhibiting a variety of complex three-dimensional architectures, are an exemplar model system to study biogenic mineral formation by living organisms. Recent studies have demonstrated that the deposition process of some Recent studies have demonstrated that the deposition process of some shell ultrastructures can be described using classical analytical models borrowed from materials physics, which were developed to predict the structural evolution of man-made and geological polycrystalline composite assemblies.

In the current study, we use this newly developed capacity to quantitatively describe the morphogenesis of the prismatic ultrastructure in three shells from the bivalve family Pinnidae towards establishing a correlation between structure, texture, growth kinetics, topology and phylogeny of the species. Using data collected by electron microscopy, synchrotron-based microtomography, electron backscatter diffraction analysis EBSD and X-ray diffraction we demonstrate that the prismatic ultrastructures in Pinnidae are formed following either ideal or triple-junction-controlled kinetics, which are shown to be closely linked to the morphological and topological characteristics, as well as crystallographic texture of these biocomposites.

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The experimental and analytical framework presented in this comparative study can serve as an additional tool for classifying molluscan shell ultrastructures on the levels of structural and textural morphogenesis. Effects of rare-earth oxides on physical properties of Li—Zn ferrite. Improving the phase stability and oxidation resistance of B-NiAl. Processing induced changes in Curie temperature of Nd[sub 2]Fe[sub 14]B melt-spun ribbons.

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  4. Changes of the Curie temperature Tc in Nd2Fe14B can arise from changes in crystal chemistry or can be induced by compressive stresses. We have recently observed decreases in the Tc up to 30 K in nanocomposite melt-spun ribbons of We have recently observed decreases in the Tc up to 30 K in nanocomposite melt-spun ribbons of and alpha-Fe.