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Antigone, the character for which the play was named, is a very complex character.

She seems to change directions all throughout the play and there is never one point in which you know exactly what she will do because she is just that unpredictable. This unpredictability also makes her seem very hypocritical because she will say something and then turn on a dime and say the complete opposite. Antigone's character is very intriguing strictly due to the fact that she keeps you guessing. The following will show the many variations that her character shows throughout the play.

There are several Many argue about the originality of the play. Scholars believe that a large portion of the play was made up by Sophocles instead of being reffered to the orginal epic. The role of Haemon is the most significant in relation to the changes made by Sophocles. When one refers to the epic one will find that this character dies prior to the death of Oedipus Rex.

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He must have done this to give a touch of There is much controversy between who the 'tragic hero' is in the play. Some people say Antigone, some say Creon, others even say Heamon.

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I believe Creon displays all of the characteristics of a 'tragic hero'. He receives compassion through the audience, yet recognizes his weaknesses, and his downfalls from his own self-pride, stubbornness, and controlling demands.

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He is the true protagonist. Though the audience notices how villainous Creon is, they still It is unlikely for there to be two tragic characters in a Greek tragedy, and there can be only one in the play Antigone. The king Creon possesses some of the qualities that constitute a tragic character, but does not have all of the necessary traits. Antigone, however, contains all of the aspects that are required for her to be the main character. According to Aristotle's Poetics, there are four major traits, which The Tragic Hero in the Play Antigone Antigone, which was written by Sophocles, is possibly the first written play that still exists today www.

There is much controversy between who the tragic hero is in the play.

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I believe Creon displays all of the characteristics of a tragic hero. Though the audience notices how villainous Creon is, they still express sympathy towards I chose to focus on Creon from "Antigone" for my second paper. He is a very interesting character to me because he can be perceived in many different ways.

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For example, one person may view him as a horrible tyrant king due to his unwillingness to alter his decree. Another may see him as a king that made some wrong decisions but was looking out for the best interest of his new city and got more far more punishment than he deserved. I view him as a king who was trying to deal with his insecurities by gaining absolute power. I wondered The Thebian play of Antigone has excited many debates over the years. The most prevalent being who exactly could be characterized as the tragic hero in the story.

The argument that Antigone is the hero is deffinatly a strong one. There are many critics who believe that Creon, however, is the true protagonist of the play. In order to determine whether or not Creon is the tragic hero one must first examine what a tragic hero is. Aristotle states that a hero is neither purely innocent nor purely malevolent.

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