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After two days of insightful discussions and productive work, the MinoritiesForumAsiaPacific is coming to an end. He emphasized that language rights are human rights and that languages are not a threat, but they enrich societies and create diverse environments we should all value. We would like express our gratitude to Mahidol University for hosting and co-organizing the Forum and to all organizing partners, experts and participants for making the very first Asia-Pacific Forum a success. You are cordially invited to discuss with Dr.

A talk on human rights and the climate crisis. Cooper is a prominent human rights activist working in the areas of the environment, climate change, and indigenous rights. He will share new insights on the current situation of human rights in relation to the environment. He works alongside Nobel Prize Laureate and form We hope to see you there!

On 4th September , MR. If you were students, academics and professionals working on peace, or even lay people interested in peace issues, come join our interactive discussions at our Public Seminar as our 21 international peace fellows from 16 countries are hosting discussion event open for public. It would be a great opportunity to catch up on critical issues on peace in the world, and network with international The seminar will be arranged in the way that allows close discussions in small breakdown groups on the below topics. Please make reservation, to book your parking space!

Meet us from at Room No.

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Cham 10 , Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. The event was also attended by H. To produce graduates having good knowledge in polymer science and technology, possessing good research skill, capable of applying knowledge for development of the polymer industry, capable of independently search for knowledge and learn modern technology.

The graduates will also possess good moral, academic and professional ethics. ELO 1: Graduates are able to explain polymer structure, properties and processing in chemical and physical aspects. ELO 2: Graduates are able to implement knowledge for polymer synthesis, modification and processing. ELO 3: Graduates demonstrate laboratory skills, analyze scientific information, and are able to conduct and solve research problems.

ELO 4: Graduates are able to communicate and collaborate effectively with others as well as be responsible to assigned work. Polymerisation reaction types; mechanisms and kinetics; molecular structure and molecular weight control; copolymerisation; methods of polymerisation; chemical reaction of polymers; polymer degradation and protection; polymer structure and properties relationship; polymer solution theory and properties; phase equilibria; phase diagrams and their applications.

An overview of the common techniques for determining the structure and characteristics of polymeric materials; molecular structural characterization; solubility test; polymer identification; chemical analysis; spectroscopic technique; characterization based on molecular size; molecular organization; surface morphology and other special methods for new polymers.

Her research interests include integration, boundary work, social inequality, and sensory ethnography in the migration contexts.


After some years in the private sector and humanitarian aid, I became interested in the academic field. Moreover, I am teaching Myanmar language to undergraduate and graduate students in Taiwan, and through presentations try to build bridges between Myanmar and Taiwanese culture. My interpretative research approach is focusing on the experience of livelihood changes of peasants in Northeast Myanmar under rapid modernization, economic liberalization, market orientation and monetization, and social changes since She has been conducting many researches in the term of environmental sociology such as the adaptation strategies of farming households in arid areas toward the climate variability, the development of bioenergy in Indonesia and recently, she does a research in the term of political ecology which specifically discussing about the expansion of oil palm plantation in the conservation area.

Her recent study focuses on the livelihood dynamics of farming households that cultivated oil palm in the conservation area. Previously, she worked as an editor for academic and trade publishers, and taught literature and composition at the University of the Philippines Diliman, where she studied Anglo-American Literature and Philosophy.

Her research, which takes Dutertismo as a point of departure, investigates the tensions that inhere in the translation of liberal democracy in the Philippine postcolonial context through the long twentieth century in relation to legacies of US imperialism, cold war politics, and the decline of Pax Americana. His current research for his MA thesis is on the Ruwat Rawat Borobudur Festival, focusing on commemorative ritual and collective memory constructed for reconnecting local people socially, culturally, and spiritually to Borobudur regardless of religious boundaries.

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His current research interest is on the issue of sexuality, gender and LGBT activism in intersection with religion. And he is holding the Director position at local peace foundation known as Kaw Lah Foundation, Myanmar.

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  • He has earned his Bachelor and Master degrees in theology and anthropology. He has chosen his career as an educator in peacebuilding in Myanmar. His research interest for PhD is about the role of Peacebuilding efforts in Myanmar history, with a particular focus on the role that Burmanization policies emerging out of the anti-colonialism struggle, and the Ne Win years His interest concerns the political, cultural and intellectual history of Thai monarchy.

    Currently, he conducts his Ph. He received a Master's degree in History from Thammasat University. His master thesis focuses on the perspective of the media and intellectual regarding the monarchy in Thailand during the mids. Her dissertation analyses the durability of U.

    Thesis Template Mahidol

    Her research interests include postcolonial and decolonial studies, critical international relations, psychoanalysis and political sociology. She is a recipient of the Japanese Government Monbukagakusho Scholarship. Ven Paolo B. He has been involved in various researches and programs in relation to disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and sustainable development in the past 9 years.