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How can these people be integrated? What are the This article provides the first-ever analysis of the structure of public preferences for asylum and refugee policy, a highly Nils Jannsen , Galina Potjagailo , Maik Wolters The effects of monetary policy during financial crises differ substantially from those in normal times.

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Using a panel VAR for Christoph Trebesch shows in a study that China has exported record amounts of capital to the rest of the world which is mostly not Ruth Delzeit says that global agriculture is putting biodiversity in tropical farming regions at particular risk. According to a study by Christoph Trebesch, China's lending rate is much higher than previously known. A long-term study by Christoph Trebesch and Manuel Funke shows reasons for the electoral success of populist parties. Frequently Requested Experts. All Experts. Gabriel Felbermayr, Ph. Martin French part , St.

Lucia, St.

Database of Political Institutions The Database of Political Institutions presents institutional and electoral results data such as measures of checks and balances, tenure and stability of the government, identification of party affiliation and ideology, and fragmentation of opposition and government parties in the legislature, among others.

Belt and Road Initiative Trade Costs Database This paper studies the impact of transport infrastructure projects of the Belt and Road Initiative on shipment times and trade costs. Based on a new data on completed and planned Belt and Road transport projects, Geographic Information System analysis is used to estimate shipment times before and after the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Informality in the process of development and growth Informality is a term used to describe the collection of firms, workers, and activities that operate outside the legal and regulatory systems. It is widespread in the majority of developing countries--in a typical developing economy, the informal sector produces about 35 percent of gross domestic product and employs 70 percent of the labor force.

Global Data Set on Education Quality This paper presents the largest globally comparable panel database of education quality. The database includes countries and regions over The globally comparable achievement outcomes were constructed by linking standardized, psychometrically-robust international and regional achievement tests. Continued growth of greenhouse gas emissions and associated global warming could well promote SLR of 1m in this century, and unexpectedly rapid breakup of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets might produce a m SLR.

Why Privatization is necessary for Economic Growth in Pakistan.

Transforming economies – for better jobs

Distributing Benefits of Growth to the Majority. National Economy and Impact of Foreign Aid. Lecture delivered at No. Sustainable Growth in Financial Sector of Pakistan. Economy of Pakistan: An Overview.

Women in the Workforce - China: Quick Take - Catalyst

Keynote address delivered at the Expo Conference held at Karachi on February 3, Pakistan Financial Sector: A Roadmap for Fostering Good Corporate Governance. Developing Human Resources for the Financial Sector. Reducing Poverty or Redistributing Income? Sustainability of Pakistan's Economic Fundamentals. Why Lend to Small and Medium Enterprises? Speech delivered at the Rotoract Club held at Karachi on April 12, Financing For Infrastructure Projects.

Foreign Reserves and the Common Man. Banking Sector Developments, Challenges and Opportunities. Industrial Competitiveness: Bench Marking Pakistan. Development Strategy of Punjab.

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An Analysis of the Bank's Write-off Seminar Exhibition on Technological Innovation in the financial sector. Changing Paradigms of Capacity Building.

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What does Continuity of Reforms mean? Role of Islamic Finance. Strategy for Development of Microfinance in Pakistan. Remarks delivered as Chief Guest at the launching ceremony of the Financial Sector strengthening program of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation held at Islamabad on February 26, Pakistan Economic Horizons, And Beyond.

The Economics of Private Jets