Write an essay about the pros and cons of keeping wild animals as pets

Animal captivity may be categorized according to the particular motives, objectives and conditions of the confinement. While there is a major question that goes along with this topic, which is does animals have moral status and rights? Moral status means animals have the right for their welfare to be taken seriously. However, there are many situations that might not follow animals rights because if an animal is dangerous to you, you might endanger the animal's welfare to save your life or others.

In this situation, you are not following the animals moral status so, there are still people trying to find out how much rights do animals get compared to humans.

Are zoos a good thing?

To make sure animals have their rights there has been laws made to protect captive animals. Throughout history not only domestic animals as pets and livestock were kept in captivity and under human care, but also wild animals. Some were failed domestication attempts. Also, in past times, primarily the wealthy, aristocrats and kings collected wild animals for various reasons.

Contrary to domestication, the ferociousness and natural behaviour of the wild animals were preserved and exhibited. Today's zoos claim other reasons for keeping animals under human care: conservation , education and science. Captive animals, especially those not domesticated, sometimes develop abnormal behaviours. An endangered Mexican gray wolf is kept in captivity for breeding purposes. The Mexican gray wolf comes from three captive lineages and cross-lineage wolves. By staying in captivity and being bred, the Mexican gray wolf species is being protected from endangerment.

Behavior of animals in captivity Captive animals, especially those not domesticated, sometimes develop abnormal behaviors.

One type of abnormal behavior is stereotypical behaviors, i. Examples of stereotypical behaviors include pacing, self-injury, route tracing and excessive self-grooming. These behaviors are associated with stress and lack of stimulation.

Captivity (animal)

Many who keep animals in captivity attempt to prevent or decrease stereotypical behavior by introducing stimuli, a process known as environmental enrichment. A type of abnormal behavior shown in captive animals is self-injurious behavior SIB. Bt on the other hand,by bringing them Together zoos saves many animals from hunters nd from being extinct.

It also inspires people to become aware if wild animals,protect them and of course their importance in our society.

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Most importantly zoos help in breeding programmes. A good zoo will enable these rare species to live and breed in a secure place.

I think that the current zoos we have are not particulary a good place for wild animals. In fact, it just turn them crazy. The reasons exposed in the text are just acceptable if you give to the animals an habitat just like they have in the wild. Some place like the natural habit is a good option to make them breed and protect the endangered especies from the hunters. To put them in a jail is far to be the best choice to protect animals. I thing zoo is good for us. In fact Tigger is most expensive animal in zoo. Tigger is attract people that want to see wild animal.

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Nowaday tigger is protected by organization that keep wild life. I went to zoo to see animal. I really enjoyed animal such as monkey,rino,tigger. Tigger is most popular animal in the zoo. I thought zoo is good for us to enjoy holiday. Animal used to feed from zoo staff. I won't get meat in wild life and they won't protect from predator. To sum up ,zoo is good for us but it need control to get animal from wild life.

Tigers and other animals do get meat in wildlife but only the carnivores for example Tigers and other carnivores hunt their prey and eat them. Kind Regards! Maybe we should inspire more people to find more opponents to close the zoos. It's not a good idea to jail animals for any reason. They like freedom as well. I believe, every creature should live with their natural habitat like humans.

I agree with you. Imagine that you're an animal that is always in the same place and without freedom.


It is torture. I personally believe that zoos should be used only for endangered species or species with high risks of other predators in the wild, besides that these animal centers should be strictly controlled otherwise they are closed. SO this kind is so cruel. I also think zoo is the most frightened place for animals. Who want to live in a cage? Do u also want to be in a small cage until u die? The answer will be No.

Animals are also have brain and heart. Whichever animals are they , they want freedom. In my country,there are 2 zoos. Both of them have bad conditions. Being a developing country, no extra budget for animals in zoos.

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Country can't afford a lot on zoos. I am so sad to see the animals in zoo. In my country's zoos,animals aren't fed enough and they are always starving. Zoo keepers aren't kind to animals and they don't do their job properly because they only got less salary. Moreover,the climate of our country is always hot. Some of the animals who are used to live in cold environment face the worst situation in my country bcoz of extreme heat.

When I went to zoo last summer,I saw penguins suffer heat alot and all of the man made ice are melting. They are so poor to be in a hot country. That's why,zoo doesn't always give good things to animals. If the nature of species,diversity of animals are not matched,animals only become the victims. If u see from other side of view,zoo helps alot in international breeding programs.

They also help to reduce the increase rate of danger of population. Everything has pros and cons. We can't clearly decide what is right or wrong. After seeing this passage, I must admitted that it is cruel to keep animals in zoos. Firstly, some of the zookeepers treat the animals badly by giving them less food and using sticks to hit them. So that they live in bad conditions and never have the treatment they need. Secondly, when they were released into the wild , they will lose their instinct, they cannot hunt their prey because they were given some meat to survive when they were in the zoo.

Thirdly, some of the endangered species may died when they were given some bad food, I mean, such as something that not suit for these kind of animals to eat. And if everyone keep chopping down the tree, the animals won't have their own natural habitat. Keeping animals in zoos are not very bad, though. The manager of the zoo can earn money by the facilities inside the zoo and the tickets so that they can povide more mordern facilities not just for human but also for the animals. In my opinion, I don't think Zoo is a great thing.

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If you ask me why, let me show you what I think about it: Firstly, some zoos don't really care about animals, What they only care aboutis just to make money. In that case, animals always feel painful. Secondly, you may think zoo is a good thing, but don't you know what animal feel about? They want to be free, don't they? Last but not the least, in big zoos, some people always shout at or feed them, so lots of animals feel painful or dead quietly. In conclusion, zoos is not a great thing and I really hope they get less and less in the future.